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About DJ Wizzard

Within this mind rages an enigma wrapped in a conundrum...

Music has been the biggest passion in Wizzard's life & has always felt the need to share that passion with other people. Michael Oliveira aka DJ Wizzard, a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was thrown into the scene at the young age of 16 in 1994. Wizzard recounts his first brush with bringing forth his passion for music.

Back when Wizzard was in high school, he was approached by a teacher to operate the lunch hour radio station. Before Wizzard's teacher could finish, he had already said yes. Wizzard continued with that until school ended when he was then introduced the club scene. Since Wizzard had no actual club experience, he started working in clubs as regular bar staff. Then one inevitable day, Wizzard was working at a club called The Nocturn when the dj called in sick & the room was packed. The owner of the club told Wizzard to stop what he was doing & start playing music. It was from that day on Wizzard's obsession with music began.

In the early days of his career, he played small clubs & parties preaching the word of house music. Narrowing his vision to a fusion of house beats on top of a heavy bassline with hypnotic vocals, Wizzard then started playing out at a well known club in Winnipeg known as Mardi Gras. Resisting the mainstream of the time, Wizzard was able to create a following that continues to expand every day. After parting ways with Mardi Gras, Wizzard was given the opportunity to focus completely on his music as the resident dj at a night club called Club Desire. At Club Desire, Wizzard had the opportunity to expose Winnipeg on a larger scale to his style of house while being able to DJ in big shows & big clubs, playing with big names like DJ Rank One, Hex Hector, Portia Surreal, & many more. After leaving Club Desire, Wizzard continued to be involved with the gay scene while starting a residency at Gio's Club & Bar and Club 200. Wizzard successfully elevated Gio's & Club 200 to elite status in Winnipeg's Dance Club Scene. Wizzard has gone on to play in the yearly Gay Pride Festival in Winnipeg over the last several years while still finding time to tour across Canada, being seen playing in clubs in cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, & Toronto. There has become a huge demand for Wizzard's style, as he has become notorious for being able to remix himself & uncover some of the most obscure remixes of mainstream tracks & use them as weapons to make a dancefloor explode.

Nowadays Wizzard has found a way to infuse an electro feel into his style with great success. With original projects always in the works & always on the move playing clubs across Canada, Wizzard intends to take his preaching of his style of house to the world & make the world understand why when people ask Wizzard about his style of music, he would simply reply:

Got Funk?


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